08 Wizard 2.4.9

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Calling 08 numbers from your mobile can be expensive. With this App, they’re free*.

There is simply no need to spend up to 41 pence per minute calling 0845, 0800, 0844 and 0870 numbers from your mobile. Skycom have developed a money saving App called the '08 Wizard'.

New features include:
* Search on a name or number
* Autosuggest on company names
* Contacts integration

This App will present you with an 01/02 number to call instead of the expensive 08 number. These calls are taken from your bundled minutes, not your wallet so from the very first call you can be making HUGE savings. It’s that simple.

To start saving money, dial the 08 number or do a search for the company name and the Wizard will try and find an 01/02 number to dial. On the occasions when a number is not matched you can request that we find the number for you, via the App.

We are constantly adding numbers to our ever expanding database but there are of course a vast number of businesses we don’t have alternative numbers for. With your help we can help you.

You can also call 08 numbers from within your contacts allowing you to save those important numbers and call from within the App.

*All successful calls will be made across an 01 or 02 number (which is taken from your bundled minutes) PAYG and those outside their bundled minutes will be charged at 01/02 rates.

There is no easier way to save money than by using the 08 Wizard.

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